ZATANFAA is a non‐ profit organization registered with the National Arts Council of Zambia on 28 February, 2017. It is a partner of the Norwegian Non‐ Fiction Writers and Translators (NFF) which has several chapters in many countries including Malawi and South Africa.


ZATANFAA is an organization founded and run by Zambians out of a felt need of encouraging and promoting a culture of writing, reading, research and publishing text books, academic and non‐/fiction works amongst Zambians. It is our belief that through writing, reading and collaborating with other authors’ associations and individuals, Zambia will be promoting its identity and assist to eradicate high illiteracy levels in the country.


A leading participant in the promotion and protection of the culture of writing and reading.


Promoting academic, textbook and non‐/fiction authorship in Zambia.


Let us write and read to right society


Promoting culture of writing, reading, research and publishing books in Zambia